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Creation - Bible Lessons


Genesis 1

Do you know who made the world and everything in it, like the birds and trees and sunshine? It was God, wasn't it? God shows us lots of love by giving us such neat things. God also gave us a book that tells us about the world and about people who are special friends of God. Do you know what this book is? It's the Bible.

Adam & Eve - Bible Lessons

Adam & Eve

Genesis 2 - 3

God made a beautiful garden for Adam and Eve to live in. He gave them all kinds of good fruit to eat, but he had one rule that he asked Adam and Eve to obey. Do you obey your Dad when he tells you something to do? Well, God wanted Adam and Eve to obey him too.

Noah & the Ark - Bible Lessons

Noah & the Ark

Genesis 6

One day Noah had a dream and God talked to him. God said, "Noah, I want you to build a great big boat, called an Ark. I am going to get rid of all the bad people and you and your family are to go into the boat so you will be safe."

Cain & Abel - Bible Lessons

Cain & Abel

Genesis 4

Some children have one brother or one sister and some even have more than one. What is your family like, do you have any brothers or sisters? Today we are going to tell a Bible story about two brothers. These were Adam and Eve's children. Remember that Adam and Eve were the very frrst man and woman that God had created. Now they had two little boys...

The Tower of Babel - Bible Lessons

The Tower of Babel

Gen 9, 11

Once, long, long ago, all the people in the world talked the same language. They could all understand each other after Noah and his family left the ark

Abraham & Sarah - Bible Lessons

Abraham & Sarah

Genesis 12

Today we're going to tell a story about a man names Abraham and his wife Sarah. They didn't have any children, but they had a young nephew, named Lot who lived with them. One night God spoke to Abraham in a dream. God told Abraham, to pack up his things and take his family and move to a new home.

Abraham & Lot - Bible Lessons

Abraham & Lot

Genesis 13

Abram was a good man who loved God and obeyed him. God took care of Abram and he soon had many cattle and sheep and camels and lots of servants to help him take care of them. Lot was Abram's nephew and when Lot grew up he also owned many cattle and sheep and camels.

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