Printable Bible Fill-In Worksheets

Also known as Kriss Kross puzzles, Word Fit Puzzles, Framework Puzzles or Jig-Word Puzzles, these Bible Fill Ins are great fun! Harder than a word search, but easier than a crossword, requiring some logical thinking to fill in the blanks using the words provided below the grid. Print out these Bible puzzle worksheets to use in Sunday School or anywhere else you might find them useful!

The Last Supper - Bible Fill-In Puzzle

The Last Supper

Matthew 26 : 17 - 30

Jesus shared a meal with his disciples before his death. This has become known as The Last Supper. Fill in the grid with the words given in this Kriss Kross puzzle.

David and the Ark - Bible Fill-In Puzzle

David and the Ark

2 Samuel 6

David took the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, but not without trouble! Learn about what happened and complete this Bible Fill In puzzle.

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